Thomas, Mayer & Associés, advises VALO BioMedia GmbH for the acquisition of a majority shareholding in Couvoir de Cerveloup in France.

The law firm Thomas, Mayer & Associés advised the German company VALO BioMedia GmbH which is part of the EW Group, active in the field of animal breeding, animal and human health, SPF and clean egg production and food production.

Couvoir de Cerveloup, a company existing for more than thirty-four years, is specialized in the SPF egg and animal production. This family owned company operates for twenty years a site specialized in SPF productions and, as such, enjoys the trust of several laboratories in human and veterinary medicine in France.

The acquisition of the capital majority of Couvoir de Cerveloup will strengthen VALO BioMedia’s hold on the market for SPF animal productions in Europe, and particularly in France, and will allow VALO BioMedia to ensure better control of the supply chain and to encourage proximity to their end users in Europe.

VALO BioMedia GmbH was advised in France by Thomas, Mayer & Associés (Emma Bensoussan-Crémieux, Managing partner).

Couvoir de Cerveloup was advised by PwC Société d’Avocats (Florent Fassier, Partner).